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Currently Unavailable

At the moment we are not accepting orders that require international shipping.  It is our intention to create an international shipping solution that offers realtime tracking, faster delivery, and more affordable options. We will inform all customers when international shipping is reinstated. 



Not fully trackable. Delivers in 1 to 4 weeks, can take up to 8 weeks.

Customs Fees

 - Afriwrapsandbands is not responsible for customs fees incurred by customer when importing our goods.

 - If you are unable to pay additional customs fees and choose to have the package returned to us, you'll receive a refund for the cost of the merchandise. 

 - PLEASE NOTE: All orders are subject to customs fees, including orders paid for using a gift card.

International orders selecting USPS for delivery:

 - By selecting USPS as your carrier, you forfeit any claims to have your shipping refunded in the event your order is lost or undelivered.

 - International packages with tracking numbers starting with "LZ' often receive location updates much later than other packages. Afriwrapsandbands reserves the right to wait 5 business days before reshipping an order that is presumed lost.

 - Any store credit issued will not include shipping.

 - Please check with your local post office. Some international orders are awaiting pickup without notice.